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Why You Should Make Use Of The Yahoo URL Scraper From Ninja SEO Tools

SEO is changing rapidly today. Strategies that were applicable just a few short years ago are simply not cutting it anymore. This means that as an Internet Marketer or Webmaster you have to work twice as hard and twice as much to achieve the same results. Automation of various tasks is the only way to keep up with these requirements. This is the main reason why the Yahoo URL Scraper was created.

This Yahoo URL scraper is in a league of its own. It is simply unmatched by its competitors. It is one of the most comprehensive scrapers available. The best thing is that it is designed specifically for scraping website list on Yahoo. The scraper is quite easy to use. All you have to do is enter your keyword and click on the Scrape button. In an instant it will generate the list of top 100 websites on Yahoo for that keyword. This is a great tool for PPV marketers especially since they have been doing this manually previously.

The scraper also has an export button. This is used to export the scraped keywords to be used in other areas like creating an advertising campaign. The keywords are exported in a .txt document which will work for most computer systems. The scraper also has a proxy feature that will enable you scrape websites in a country of your choice. Using this tool you will know the rank of various websites in other countries. This is important for you to know which websites to bid on when creating PPV advertising campaigns in those countries.

In conclusion, the Yahoo URL Scraper is a nice addition to the arsenal of any serious Internet Marketer or Webmaster. Not only is it a nice tool which provides value it is also easy to use and will offer additional benefits to its user when compared to its competitors.