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Keyword Position Tool

You can use this free keyword position tool to check the rank of your website on the Google search engine with different keywords. You can check several keywords at once. Just type each word on each line in the first box. Then, type your name in the second box. Click “Check” and wait for the result. This tool also allows you to use a proxy while it’s running by using the proxy format ip:port or ip:port:username:password.

Free Online Keyword Position Tool

Everybody who ever had to watch the rankings of a website knows how much time such a job could take. Automation is possible to some extent, but it often requires expensive software tools. If you aren't an internet marketing consultant, it doesn't make much sense to invest a lot of money in SEO tools, because you are going to need to learn how to use them anyway. Spending time and money on something like this is not a viable option when you have a business to run and to promote. The alternative would be to use some quick online tool that would let you check where you are for multiple keywords instantly.

Are There Any Good Online Rank Checkers?

You can find such a good and free keyword position tool at Ninja SEO Tools. It's an online tool and absolutely free of charge, like all other SEO goodies on the website. It is probably not the only keyword position tool one can find online, but it surely is so user-friendly that even a child could use it without having to learn anything.

How the Ninja SEO Keyword Rank Checker Works

For checking the rank of your website, you only have to fill in the keyword and the URL of the site, then click on Check Position. In an instant, you are going to see where your web page is situated in Google for that particular keyword.

If you have more keywords you need to run through the keyword position tool, add them on separate lines in the special box. You'll get the results down the page, in the same order.

Why Use This Tool from Ninja SEO?

This tool allows you to check your position in local search. All you need to do is select the country before running the checker. If you are afraid of getting your IP banned by Google, you can use a proxy with the tool. However, if you only have one website and you only need to check the rankings of a few keywords, you won't probably need any proxy, so you don't have to bother with learning what that is or how to use it. Seasoned internet marketers who need it will know how to use it, that's for sure.

By default, if your website is anywhere in the first 100 results, the tool returns its position. There is an option to restrict the reporting to one of these three variants: top 10 results, 11-30 results and 31-50 results. This will enable you get the results even faster and put less strain on Google's website, thus minimizing your risk of getting your IP banned from search for a while.

The results come with color codes, so you can see from a glance whether you are in the top 100 or not. If you are, the line will be blue, else it will be red.

Briefly, the Ninja SEO keyword checking tool is one of the fastest ways of checking your rankings, a method you can use from wherever you may be, provided that you have a computer with access to internet.