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Are You Looking For A Good Google URL Scraper?

If you are an SEO specialist or a website owner who wants to research the market and the competitors, you could speed up your competitive research and analysis process by using a Google URL scraper.

Among other SEO tools, a good Google URL scraper will allow you to quickly collect a list of websites that rank well in the Google SERPs for a particular keyword. You are going to be able to export your list in a format which allow for further analysis, the entire process taking only a few seconds.

This is what the Google URL scraper developed and offered by Ninja SEO Tools does. Moreover, it enables scraping the local Google results as well, so you can choose your country and see what differences there are in rankings between US and, let's say, Mexico, for a certain keyword you are interested in.

All you need to do for using the scraper is to type in your desired keywords, choose your country, then click on "Scrape". The list is generated in a split-second and it contains the first 100 results found in that local version of the search engine. By just another click, you can export this list to a .txt file for using it with other marketing research tools, if you wish.

In order to avoid getting your IP banned from Google Search, the scraper comes with a possibility for the user to input any desired proxy into a special box.

Briefly, the Google scraper, as well as the other goodies at Ninja SEO Tools can help an internet marketer be more efficient in his work. It provides faster access to data, it is free of charge and very easy to use. It is a tool to bookmark and use each time you want to study a new niche.