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Domain Age Checker - Bulk Check Domain Age

To find the age of your domain name, enter a domain name like [] and then click the "Check Domain" button.

Free Domain Age Checker

Checking the age of a domain is more important than you perhaps realize. In actual fact, this is one thing that is used by the likes of Google to determine the ranking of a website because the older it is, then the better it is in their eyes.

However, how do you even know how old a domain is? Well, life is going to be made so much easier for you thanks to our domain age checker tool as we do all of the hard work for you.

Our Tool

With our tool you are able to check up to 500 different domains at any given time. Our tool will check out not only the date of the original registration, but it will also tell you when the domain is due to expire along with the name of the person that initially registered it. This does all of the hard work for you and it does it all in the click of a button.

Why You Need Our Domain Age Checker Tool?

While you may believe that the popularity of a website is key when it comes to ranking, then in actual fact it is just one of several reasons that are taken into consideration. One other thing is the age of the domain and it has a number of other benefits. Basically, the older a domain, then typically the more money you can earn from advertising and it can also have an impact on the amount of money you can earn should you decide to sell.

In other words, you need to have accurate information on the age of that domain to help plan your future whether it be through making money or getting the best ranking possible.

The Domain Age And Ranking.

As we have said, the age of the domain is important for SEO and ranking. In short, the various search engines will deem your domain to be more popular and more established than those that are newly registered and, as a result, they will push you higher up the ranking pages. If you have a newer domain, then you better be prepared to work hard with your SEO and creation of backlinks.

So, make your life easier with our simple domain tool. Find the age, and plan your futureand all thanks to clicking a couple of buttons.