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Why You Should Use Ninja SEO Tools Bing URL Scraper

In the field of Internet marketing and web optimization SEO is key. Even more important is the speed at which various tasks can be performed. Automation is the name of the game. Today, with the SEO landscape changing virtually every day you need to keep with the trends. One nice little tool that will help you achieve this is Ninja SEO Tools’ Bing URL Scraper.

This Bing URL Scraper is just unique in its own right. First of all it is quite simple to use. Everyone from a complete newbie to an Internet marketing guru will find the scraper very handy. All that you have to do is inter your preferred keyword within the space allocated and press ‘Enter’. In an instant you will get the top 100 results from Bing for that keyword. It really does not get easier than this.

The scraper also has wonderful additions which other scrapers simply do not have. First of all it allows for exportation of these results. This is quite wonderful since you won’t have to compile the list manually when you want to create an advertising campaign or find out who your competitors are. The other addition is the inclusion of proxies. This is a wonderful tool to spy on your competitors based on location. Using this tool you can scrape the top results on Bing for your specified keyword in a country separate from your own.

In conclusion, whether you are a PPV marketer or just a webmaster looking to find out who your competitors are you need this Bing URL Scraper. It does not matter whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned professional the tool is just as effective for all. It is simple to use, very fast in generating results, and allows you to transfer the URLs you have scraped. Best of all it has a proxy tool to scrape for results in any country that you wish. It is truly a wonderful tool; which, when you start using, will wonder how you ever survived without it.