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Free Backlink Indexer Service

Backlinks are a key part of any SEO approach and without them you are going to be making your life so much harder when it comes to improving your ranking. However, perhaps you are not sure as to why backlinks should be indexed in the first place, but the truth of the matter is that it is so much easier to understand than you think.

Why You Need To Get Those Backlinks Indexed On Google?

As we said, backlinks are key to increasing the popularity of your website in the eyes ofGoogle, but there is often a problem. You see, if you do not do it yourself, then there is a tendency for most of the backlinks to actually never be indexed by Google. How can you then expect your ranking to be boosted if nothing is done?

You see, you need the backlinks indexed to then boost that ranking because without that you will be wasting your time as well as money. Google indexes them to then determine the popularity of your website and they actually then calculate your ranking depending on that number. In other words, you could go ahead and generate 1000 backlinks, but if only 100 of them are indexed, then Google will only give any prominence to that 100 and your ranking will dip as a result.

How Our Backlink Indexer Works?

The way in which our backlink indexer works is very straightforward. What happens is that we submit those backlinks to websites that have a high PR, which Google loves, and we then do something called pinging with those backlinks. What then happens is that Google will then pick up on them being submitted to those websites and the ping lets them know that something has changed and this, in turn, leads to your backlinks being indexed. It really is as simple as that.

Our backlink indexer takes all of the stress and work off your shoulders as it does everything automatically for you and you can just sit back and watch your ranking improve as a result. The days of doing all of this manually are now long gone thanks to our amazingly simple indexer tool.